Julia Nimke's photo project: "Folklore and mystic places in Europe"

From the Hoia Baciu forest in Romania to the polar lights in Norway and the sacred mountains of Albania 


Project description

During the Adobe Residency Program I am planning to  have three 1-2 months long travel episodes, that are totally flexible in duration as well as the starting and end date. One heading to the North of Europe, one to the East and one to the South of Europe. I want to visit at least 15-20 places, that have a strong mystical and/or folklore background. As the final product I would love to publish a photo book (open to self-publishing or collaborative publishing) I want to trigger the passion for the unexplainable, the mystic, the old thinking in our modern times. I want to create an image of the diverse culture we have in Europe, showcasing the differences and the similarities, the fascination for nature. I want to encourage people to stay curios and open-minded. Ultimately, I want to create a visual encyclopedia of mouth-to-mouth tales from times, when people couldn’t explain certain natural phenomena. 

The cost of the project can be divided in 3 parts: travel costs for those 3 trips, optional hardware for doing aerial shots and the price for producing and publishing a book as a final product.  I calculated the overall cost to 5500-8500 € depending on whether the book is published independently or with a publishing agency. 


How does this project build off of your previous work? 

This project is an extension to the travels I have done so far. Two years ago I started solo-traveling and doing road trips across Europe. I had the chance to sneak into the theme of folklore by meeting people and listening to their stories. Nature and natural light has always been the main theme in my imagery. It all started with a road trip through France and Spain. Then last year, I traveled through the Balkans with my converted sprinter van to have a mobile home and work space while traveling and photographing. 

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How do you plan to share your project with the creative community? 

I plan to share it on 4 platforms: instagram in a traditional way by posting photos and short informations about the places and people I photograph as well as giving a more personal insight into my journey and project by sharing stories via short clips (instagram stories). Secondly I want to share detailed insights on my Facebook page, giving the community place to communicate with me while I am on the road. Thirdly, a blog on my website, and last but not least by contributing photos to Adobe Stock. 


What are the main creative tools you plan to use for your project? 

I will mostly work with  Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. A third imported component for putting each little story together and creating a book will be Adobe InDesign. I am very open to working with other people and would love to collaborate with a graphic designer and/or illustrator to create a photo book.


What do you want the community to learn from your project? 

Content-wise I want to make people aware of the diverse culture, nature and folklore that is present in Europe. I would love to show them unusual places and remind them of the inner child and explorer, that is within all of us. I want to let the community be part of the constant development of my work - let them see how small stories collected can create a bigger picture. Technology-wise I hope to give useful insights into landscape photography as well as portraiture. I would love to try out new techniques like aerial photography with drones and do post-production work like double exposure as seen in this series here