I Julia Nimke I Adobe Residency Program 2017 I

Hello Adobe Team! Find out more about my project on this page. Here's a little introduction video that I made for you.

The plan is to start shooting people and landscape in Germany first. I researched 8 places, that I would love to shoot in the first place and which are connected to folk tales: Hexentanzplatz, Sächsische Schweiz, Lorelei, Schrecksee, Zugspitze, Kreidefelsen, Drachenschlucht and Benediktenwand. Click on the Pinterest wall to see photos of these places (other european destinations included).

In addition to my previous project idea I would like to include video material more. One idea is to do small video sequences of the people that I also want to shoot with my camera by letting them read the legends/tales. Another new idea that I would love to implement is cinemagraphy in landscape photography: subtle movements in rivers, trees, the sky or in shape of an animal (see inspiration here: http://cinemagraphs.com ) 

Furthermore pushing my inner boundaries by shooting street photography / documentary style is something I'd consider doing during the Residency year (mobile photography). Inspirational photographers in that genre are: Joel Sternfeld, Mike Brodie and Alec Soth

Here are my 3 favorite inspirational photographers of all time:

Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard

Alex Strohl

Alex Strohl

Reuben Wu

Reuben Wu

My salary requirement: 2900 € gross per month

How will you grow through the Residency?

  • Trying out new techniques such as aerial photography and cinemagraphy
  • Working on a long-term project
  • Conceptual working
  • improve sharing of content via Social Media channels 
  • achieve knowledge about how to work with brands and agencies and/or how to address them
  • create photos for Stock 
  • Trying out new techniques such as aerial photography
  • Learning how to share the process by speaking in front of an audience

What aspects of your process will you be sharing with the creative community throughout the Residency year?

  • The journey on a regular basis (some sort of map to follow me)
  • Short movie episodes (such as the movie above)
  • Time lapses of shootings and my workflow 
  • Behind the scenes of research and shootings (instagram live stories, blogs and social media channels)
  • blog entries with detailed informations about the places I am visiting 
  • Production of the photo book

What do you want to do that is different from what you are doing right now, after the Residency?

  • Work full-time as a freelance photographer (Editorial, Landscape, Lifestyle, Portraiture)
  • Work with  brands and photo agencies
  • Find a platform and way to sell photos/prints

What are the areas you will push yourself to learn - technically, creatively, professionally?

  • Technically: Cinemagraphs, Aerial photography, long exposure night photography, 360 panorama
  • Creatively:  storytelling, moving pictures 
  • Professionally: content sharing, photo editing, collaborative working, speaking in front of a big audience