Testing out the Gumotex Kayak Twist


Summer has arrived in Berlin and with summer comes endless exploration of the lakes around the city. I have always loved camping by the lake and enjoying some time out of town, but it just got better. With the „Twist“ kayak I can now not only rest at the shore of the lake - finally I get to kayak on it! I love that I can easily adjust it from a 1-person-kayak to a 2-people-kayak. Those who follow my photographic journey know, that I don’t partner with many companies or do sponsored posts here. I solely do it with companies whose values align with mine and Gumotex definitely does. They are a lovely brand from the Czech Republic, that builds inflatable boats without using PVC for over 60 years. They focus on local production and they even repair you boat in case it gets damages - how cool is that?


Find out more about Gumotex here:


Jordan Travel Video

In a group of 4 friends we spent a week in Jordan and explored the country with our rental car by driving, hiking and riding camels.


For more photos go check my Behance object “7 days in Jordan”.

Speicherstadt Kaffee Vol. II (German)

Ein guter Tag beginnt mit Kaffee.


Jeden Monat beschenken mich die Kaffeeröster von “Speicherstadt Kaffee” mit feinstem gerösteten Kaffee, den ich ausprobiere. Diesmal habe ich den Nicaragua und den Orang Utan Kaffee probiert. Wer guten Kaffee liebt, eine ebenso große Schwäche für tolles Design hat und auch noch auf die Umwelt achten mag, sollte wenigstens einmal an diesem Kaffee genippt haben und sich selbst überzeugen.


VLOG 1 - A day in Brandenburg

The Defender lady and I spent last Sunday out in the woods of Brandenburg. Those small trips are a detox for the soul - silence, some fresh air and a long hike. Also I did my first vlog and stepped into the YouTube world. Hit that subscribe button for a regular dosis of nature captured on tape.


a day trip to the Baltic Sea


On a cold winter’s we pack the Defender with stuff for a night in the car and drive north. We choose to explore the island Rügen.


Tiny snowflakes turn into a quick yet powerful snowstorm.


3 hours and 30 minutes alater we arrive on the island. Sunshine made it through thick clouds on the mainland and we go for a walk in Sassnitz and further to the famous white cliffs right next to the small city.


The chalk cliffs of Rügen have always fascinated me. When I was little my mum would introduce me to the work of the painter Casper David Friedrich, who, inspired by the beauty of this place, created a beautiful painting showing the cliffs and a few people standing on the edge of the cliffs.


Home is where you park it.


Every journey has an end.

Speicherstadt Kaffee

Cool winter days should be spent outside searching for a great new spot to park my van and enjoy silence. This time I head out with my pal Steven to enjoy the Winter sun and delicious coffee made by my favorite coffee roasters Speicherstadt Kaffee


I created this story as part of my collaboration with Speicherstadt Kaffee from Hamburg, who roast the most delicious and fair-trade coffee.

A travel guide to hiking the Forststeig


In October we hiked the 100 km long trail called “Forststeig” in Saxon Switzerland. It has been developed by Saxony Forestry Services and partners and was opened in April 2018. The hike follows remote landscapes on the left side of the Elbe River, in Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland. Off the beaten paths you’ll find silence and almost no supplies. That makes the hike a challenging one as you need to take food and water with you on most days and that makes your backpack heavier than you’d wish.


I am sure this seasonal hike, which is open from April til October is beautiful in every season but I especially liked the time we hiked it (October) - being surrounded by colorful leaves and mushrooms.


This is one of the three newly built bivouacs - the Zschirnstein bivouac.


By the end of day one we made it to the Taubenteich bivouac right before dawn. There’s firewood and a dry place to sleep - but only if you are the first one at the bivouac. We had company from two old ladies who would hike certain parts of the trail. We set up our tent, slept in there and listened to the fire cracking, when they were still sitting there enjoying the warmth of the fire place.


The “Großer Schneeberg” in Czech Republic offers a wide view over the woods.


There is a restaurant on top of the mountain. As it was a little chilly we’d enjoy hot chocolate and a warm meal. Everything tastes better on hikes, right?


Apart from bivouacs there are also trekking huts you can use for an overnight stay. Before using any of the facilities you need to by tickets beforehand at the information center in the main station of Bad Schandau. They also have detailed maps of the trail for free!


100 km later we start our final day early in the morning. Right after dusk we pack our backpacks and soak up the sun to and finish the round trip in Bad Schandau again. 5 days in nature felt like 5 weeks in town. Our minds wide awake and the speed being slow we enjoyed a beautiful, demanding and quiet hike.


For more informations go check: http://www.forststeig.sachsen.de

3 photography podcasts you should listen to


Podcasts are by far my favorite source of inspiration at the moment. Whether I am working at home editing photos or driving in my car, podcasts are a wonderful way to get new input and insights to other photographer’s work.

Here are my favorite 3 photography podcasts:

No. 1


The Tinker Podcast hosted by Tyson Wheatley is an interview podcast. Guests like Finn Beales, Alex Strohl and Joe Greer talk about creative processes and much more. By far my favorite podcast at the moment!


No. 2

Bildschirmfoto 2018-12-17 um 14.57.14.png

Brendan van Son is a Travel photographer who talks business. The episodes of his podcast are focused on how to make money, how to grow your social media following and things like “10 mistakes photographers make marketing themselves”. Tune in.


No. 3

Bildschirmfoto 2018-12-17 um 14.52.50.png

In this podcast the founder of the FB group CULT talks to photographers, filmmakers and people in the industry about the things that matter. My favorite episode is with the one and only Elizabeth Weinberg ( @elizabethrweinberg)


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