Testing out the Gumotex Kayak Twist


Summer has arrived in Berlin and with summer comes endless exploration of the lakes around the city. I have always loved camping by the lake and enjoying some time out of town, but it just got better. With the „Twist“ kayak I can now not only rest at the shore of the lake - finally I get to kayak on it! I love that I can easily adjust it from a 1-person-kayak to a 2-people-kayak. Those who follow my photographic journey know, that I don’t partner with many companies or do sponsored posts here. I solely do it with companies whose values align with mine and Gumotex definitely does. They are a lovely brand from the Czech Republic, that builds inflatable boats without using PVC for over 60 years. They focus on local production and they even repair you boat in case it gets damages - how cool is that?


Find out more about Gumotex here: