France & spain

This trip was the beginning of my love for long solo road trip. I hit the road for 3 and a half weeks, drove 6000 km in my old Ford Mondeo, put a mattress in the back and camped wild. It was late autumn in 2015 and the roads were empty and nature rich of rain and fresh air.


The French Alps in Autumn are a wonderful place to explore. The range of trees creates a color palette from bright yellow to dark green and red.


Roussillon is a village in the Provence famous for its ochre hills. It calls itself the most beautiful village in France for good reasons - the natural pigments are being used for walls and houses of all kinds which make this village a small orange miracle.


The Ardeche




Picos de Europa


Nothing like long boarding early in the morning at sunrise.




All journeys end at some point, but when the Camargue in France was on my way back home it made the way so much nicer.