Great Britain

In the summer of 2017 I drove on the island with my converted Sprinter van Emil and spent almost a month there. This journey was part of my project FOLK TALES. I was in search for places, that are tight around old tales from the past. I stopped at scenic and well known mythical places like Stonehenge, but was even more exited to explore the less known locations.


It all begins with a 2 hour ferry trip and the appearing of the white cliffs in Dover / England.




This is Rudi. Rudi was my camper neighbor for a night.




Isle of Anglesey


Lake District



When I passed the border of England and Scotland I headed west to the coast. My destination was the small island called Isle of Islay, which is well known for its whiskey distilleries such as Ardbeg, Laphroaig and Bowmore.


Into the Highlands


isle of Skye