8 days in wonderland.


Already the flight blew my mind. I was lucky enough to see Iceland from above without clouds hiding the dramatic scenery. Colorful mountains and massive glaciers formed in front of me. But I still didn’t really have a glimpse of what I would see in the next few days. When I arrived in Reykjavik my company picked me up with a converted Dacia Doccer rental car, that would be our home for the next few days.


The first day in Iceland was filled with abstract volcanic mountains and sheep all over the place. They became our constant on this road trip.




We camped right next to Kirkufjell and saw the Aurora Borealis for the very first time. It was the beginning of September - we have not expected seeing it and were completely thrilled.


The westfjords


Exploring the Westfjords of Iceland was our main reason on this trip. This rather remote area of Iceland consists of numerous fjords, that gave this area their name. The most western and northern part would be our destination.


There’s no way you can drive straight for 10 km in the Westfjords. We had to stop and stare and admire the beauty of this place a million times a day.


In Iceland it’s good to have sheep, cabins or cars to get a sense of the scale of the place, because otherwise it’s hard to realize the dimensions.


The Dynjandi waterfall as seen above is 100 m high and widens up to 60 m.


There are around 800.000 sheep on Iceland in a land of a population of around 320.000 inhabitants.


Here’s the explanation why sheep are very often seen in a gang of three:

it simply is a mother with two lamb, who at a specific time of the year, are just as tall as the mother itself. Yes, it’s that easy.


We got stuck with the rental car in probably one of the remotest areas of the Westfjords. Luckily a local and his family went to the same hot spring and would pull us out. We’ll be forever thankful to our knight in shining armour.